Durban Psychic Scandal: Woman Ordered to Repay Millions to Grieving Family

In a shocking turn of events, a self-proclaimed psychic in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, has been exposed for preying on vulnerable families during their darkest hours. Deborah Govender, who masqueraded as a conduit to the spirit world, has now been ordered by the Pietermaritzburg High Court to pay back a staggering sum of money to a distraught family she deceived.

The Deceptive Charade

The heart-wrenching saga began when Kajal Aheer lost her mother to a sudden heart attack in July 2015. Desperate for solace and desperate to connect with her departed loved one, Aheer turned to Deborah Govender’s services. The psychic promised to bridge the gap between the living and the dead, claiming supernatural abilities that allowed her to communicate with spirits.

The Price of False Hope

Aheer, residing in Greytown, believed Govender’s every word. She relocated to Durban, hoping to be closer to the psychic for her supposed “readings.” Govender spun an intricate web of lies, convincing Aheer that she had established a relationship with her deceased mother. But this was just the beginning of a sinister plot.

Blackmail and Betrayal

In 2017, Govender’s true intentions emerged. She began blackmailing the grieving family, threatening them with harm from mysterious forces. Aheer, desperate to protect herself, fell victim to Govender’s manipulations. The psychic claimed she could cast protective spells, but at a hefty price. Aheer handed over R4,992,778.61 in payments between November 2017 and July 2020.

Hidden Agendas

But the deception didn’t end there. Govender secretly purchased a beauty spa, La Vida Spa, behind Aheer’s back. Aheer had expressed interest in buying the spa herself, unaware that Govender had already taken ownership. The psychic also demanded a Ford Mustang, further exploiting Aheer’s vulnerability.

The Breaking Point

When Aheer confided in her brother, he took action. A lawyer secured a protection order against Govender, revealing the extent of the psychic’s manipulation. Clinical psychologist Clive Willows testified that Aheer suffered from trauma bonding, making her susceptible to Govender’s threats. The court ruled in favor of the family, ordering Govender to repay the ill-gotten gains.

Justice Served

Deborah Govender’s reign of deception has come to an end. As the truth unraveled in court, the grieving family found closure. But the scars remain, a reminder of the lengths some will go to exploit vulnerability. Let this be a cautionary tale: beware those who promise solace in the shadows—they may be wolves in psychic clothing.

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