2024 South African Elections: A Landscape of Change and Uncertainty

The political landscape in South Africa is undergoing a seismic shift as the nation gears up for the 2024 general elections. With the ruling African National Congress (ANC) facing challenges and opposition parties gaining ground, the outcome remains uncertain. Let’s delve into the key players, predictions, and implications for the upcoming elections.

ANC’s Decline and DA’s Tenuous Hold
ANC’s Struggle

The ANC, once an unassailable political force, is now grappling with internal divisions, corruption scandals, and public disillusionment. A recent Ipsos poll indicates that the ANC’s support has drastically decreased, perhaps even below the crucial 40% threshold.. Historically, the ANC has dominated South African politics, but its waning popularity signals a significant shift.

The Democratic Alliance (DA)

As the current official opposition, the DA faces its own challenges.The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are closing in on the Democratic Alliance (DA), according to Ipsos polls, which means that the 2024 elections will be hotly contested.The DA must navigate this tightrope to maintain its position as the primary alternative to the ANC.

The Rise of New Players

MK and Jacob Zuma

Former President Jacob Zuma’s newly formed party, uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), has emerged as a game changer. MK showed great support in the most recent by-elections, upending the political system.Zuma’s influence remains potent, and MK’s rise adds complexity to the electoral equation.

Other Contenders

No Clear Majority

Ipsos’ analysis suggests that coalitions will be necessary to form a government. With no party projected to reach the 50% + 1 threshold, post-election negotiations will be crucial. The DA, EFF, and other smaller parties may need to collaborate to govern effectively.

Polls and Their Limits

While polls provide valuable insights, history reminds us of their fallibility. The 2016 US presidential elections and Brexit saga underscored how polls can miss the mark. Still, Ipsos’s success in forecasting the 2019 elections gives its most recent findings validity.


As South Africans head to the polls, they face a critical decision. Will the ANC’s decline continue, or can it regain lost ground? Can the DA fend off the EFF’s challenge? And what role will new parties play? The answers lie in the hands of voters, and the 2024 elections promise both uncertainty and hope.

Disclaimer: Election predictions are subject to change based on campaign dynamics, economic shifts, and unforeseen events.

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