EFF MPs Face Scrutiny for Absence in Judge Hlophe’s Impeachment Vote

In a surprising turn of events, eleven Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Members of Parliament (MPs) find themselves in a precarious situation for their failure to attend the impeachment vote of Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe.

The Impeachment Vote

During the crucial vote, 307 MPs expressed their support for Hlophe’s removal. However, six EFF members, including the party’s president, have been suspended. The absence of eleven additional EFF MPs has raised eyebrows and prompted questions about their commitment to parliamentary duties.

Malema’s Twitter Intervention

EFF leader Julius Malema took to Twitter on Thursday night, suggesting that the absent MPs had not provided valid reasons for missing the session. He emphasized the need for a way forward in resolving this matter within the next 24 hours.

From Foes to Defenders

Interestingly, the EFF, which once referred to Hlophe as a “rotten potato,” has now become one of his most ardent defenders. The party has publicly criticized Parliament’s resolution to impeach Hlophe, labeling it vindictive and an attack on judicial independence. They argue that it undermines public trust in the justice system.

While the EFF’s 44 MPs would not have significantly impacted Wednesday’s outcome, Malema raises a valid question: Why did eleven MPs fail to attend the proceedings? Their absence without valid reasons remains a point of concern.

Malema has tasked the EFF’s secretary-general, Marshall Dlamini, with corresponding with the absent MPs. The party leadership aims to address this issue promptly and ensure that parliamentary responsibilities are met.

A Reminder from the Past

In 2023, the EFF dismissed 62 public representatives for failing to deliver buses for the organization’s tenth birthday celebration. The party’s commitment to accountability remains unwavering.

As the situation unfolds, South Africa watches closely to see how the EFF handles this internal challenge.

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