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Foreign National Apprehended with R1.29 Million Worth of Drugs in Cape Town Bust

In a significant operation, law enforcement authorities in Cape Town have arrested a 42-year-old foreign national for allegedly trafficking drugs valued at a staggering R1.29 million. The suspect is set to make his first court appearance on Friday morning.

Western Cape police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie, revealed that the arrest followed a tip-off about a vehicle transporting narcotics en route to Brooklyn. “Our officers strategically positioned themselves and closely monitored the vehicle’s movements,” said Pojie.

The Bust

Upon intercepting the suspect’s vehicle, a thorough search was conducted. The police discovered a substantial quantity of tik (methamphetamine) and mandrax tablets. Despite the suspect’s attempt to flee, the officers successfully apprehended him.

Unusual Clues

During the chase, the suspect discarded a set of house keys, which the officers were unable to recover. However, they promptly escorted the suspect to his residence for further investigation.

A Shocking Find

Inside the suspect’s premises, the officers stumbled upon an additional 18,968 mandrax tablets, estimated to be worth around R1.29 million. The drugs were promptly seized as evidence.

Continuing their inquiry, the officers traced leads to an address in Plumstead. There, they uncovered a substantial amount of cash believed to be the proceeds from the drug trade. Both the money and the narcotics were confiscated.

Legal Proceedings

The suspect faces charges related to dealing in drugs and is scheduled to appear before the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Friday. This arrest underscores the authorities’ commitment to dismantling drug networks and ensuring public safety.

As investigations continue, law enforcement agencies remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice, sending a clear message to those involved in illicit activities: Cape Town will not tolerate drug trafficking.

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